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Meet the Owners

Tim and Christa Harness


Tim is a Truck Driver and a Proud US Army Veteran. Christa is a Licensed Social Worker and a Therapist. They have 6 children and 17 grandchildren.

You may be wondering, “What do a truck driver and therapist know about owning an inn?” If you ask anyone who has ever known them, you will get a response like: "They are wonderful hosts!".

Tim has always dreamed of having a mini farm where people could

come and experience farm animals. Nothing makes Tim happier than taking kids and adults in to pet the goats, gather eggs, and feed the chickens! While Christa isn’t quite as excited to do that, she will make sure you have the needed essentials to experience it!

For 29 years, Tim and Christa have opened their home to family, friends, and even hitchhikers! (Ask either of them to share the story about the three young adult hitchhikers that stayed with them for a night!)

Hospitality, welcoming, inclusivity, and kindness are core values that Tim and Christa hold to tightly. Together they strive to make the Duck Creek Farm and Inn a place you will want to return to year after year!

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